ACRE TV Performance and Video Installation at P.3+ Hammond


ACRE TV LIVE!: January 10, 2015, 4pm
ACRE TV Video Installation: November 7-January 25, 2015, 24/7

Hammond Regional Arts Center
217 E Thomas St., Hammond, Louisiana

Prospect.3: Notes for Now (P.3) is an international contemporary art biennial based in New Orleans. As part of its mission to support the neighboring communities, Prospect New Orleans has implemented a satellite program, P.3+ Regional, and will be offering a bus trip to Hammond, Louisiana on January 10, 2015 for the P.3+ Hammond Excursion Weekend. In conjunction with the bus trip, Hammond Regional Arts Center has organized a train trip, bringing artists from Chicago, Memphis, and Jackson for the January 9th – 11th weekend.

ACRE TV currently has a video installation on view 24/7 at the Hammond Regional Arts Center, featuring a selection of ACRE TV’s best videos by Joseph Herring, Amanda Bowles, Bonnie Begusch, Chaz Evans, Dan Olsen, Dao Nguyen, Sara Condo, Alpha Girls (Alma Alloro & Jennifer Chan), Ben Popp, Ben Russell, Blair Bogin, Hani Moustafa, Peter Burr, The I, Daughter of Kong Center For Research, Jerstin Crosby, Leslie Rogers, Tara Nelson, Danny Volk, and Thad Kellstadt.

We have also been invited to host a screening and live editing performance on the afternoon of January 10th. To join ACRE TV on the train or in Hammond go here for more details!

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