After Hours: Among “Friends”

ACRE TV is pleased to present

After Hours: Among “Friends”

LIVE: December 5th 2019 // 400 S. Peoria, Chicago, IL
CANNED: December 5th, 2019 -January 5th, 2020

Join us for a spectacular hour-long, bomb ass LIVEstream by UIC ART 272/372 students on December 5th at 4:30! From a stellar interview with a dog to an all class dance party, there will be a wide range of performances and works created by our one of a kind class.Tune in if you want to be a changed person and see what power of “friendship” looks like.

PS: If you don’t have the chance to watch the BEST live show ever created, tune into beginning December 5th until January 5th and witness curated class 272 work on loop all related to the theme “friendship”.


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