Call for Curators

ACRE TV accepts proposals for two-month thematic shows on an ongoing basis. To submit with a curatorial project in mind, respond to this form and include “Curatorial” in the first line. Our curatorial board meets every two months and will review all proposals at that time.





Programmed by Joseph Herring and ACRE TV

DJ Spooky, Rebirth of a Nation, 2008. (Image: MoMA)

DJ Spooky, Rebirth of a Nation, 2008. (Image: MoMA)

RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE will re- consider your nightmares; will re- examine your daydreams; will re- contextualize pre-existing (video art? videotaped performance work? found footage?) through re- presenting, re- editing, re -mixing. We are specifically interested in works that re- search, re- consider, re- examine, re- contextualize nightmares, daydreams, flying-fancies, hyper-realities. We are also interested in live re- mixing pre- existing work with new live footage to re- consider it in under the cold, hard, clinical (or soft warm fuzzy *wicked grin ) light of the telematic screen.

Examples of programming for RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE could include:

-Canned videos

-Livestreamed performance

-Historical research through image and sound works



-Interviews and conversations

  • Written proposals due by 11:59pm September 1st, 2016
  • Some funding may be available for the production of new work.  If your project requires funding, please include a budget in your proposal.
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by October 1, 2016
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due October 15th, 2016
  • RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE will air from November 1st to December 31st, 2016


Call for Work: Tele-novela

Curated by Robyn Farrell

hold_me_now STILL

Michael Robinson, Hold Me Now, 2008. Courtesy the artist and Carrie Secrist Gallery.

Tele-novela is a genre of limited-run drama series popular on Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television networks. The term combines tele, short for televisión or televisão (Spanish and Portuguese words for television), and novela, a Spanish and Portuguese word for “novel”. Symbolic, social, or technological, Tele-novela mimics the serial and structural nature of the pop cultural programs, but moves from linear story to abstracted narrative, and experimental play by electronic means. Arranged in three-part acts and ranging in media–video, sound, animated GIFs–and durational formats, the sequential productions on ACRE TV present a departure from their operatic tradition in favor of abstracted realities and dispersed fictions that simultaneously explore and avoid the notion of formal narrative on screen. 


We are also accepting submissions for artist-made commercials that will play throughout the show. If you are submitting a commercial, please write “Tele-novela Commercial” in your submission form.


  • Proposals due by 11:59pm July 25th, 2015.
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by August 10th, 2015. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due August 24th, 2015.
  • Tele-novela will air from September 1st to October 31st, 2015.


Call for Work: Were the Eye Not Sunlike

Curated by Third Object


Were the eye not sunlike, how could we behold light?

                                                                                             – Goethe, Zur Farbenlehre

Were the Eye Not Sunlike is an ACRE TV program to take place in April of 2015. Inspired by the long dark winters in Chicago, this program and parallel exhibition focus on the sun at a time when it is missed the most, moments before springtime. As an object that is both illuminating and unseeable, the experience of the Sun is dominated by metaphor and myth. Were the Eye Not Sunlike channels the mythologization of the Sun and our relationship to its immeasurable power. This program studies light, color, optics, daily routine and mysticism through a close examination of the sun.

The two month ACRE TV program will be structured into three separate programs whose framework relies on the sun’s progress throughout one day: Sunrise, High Noon and Sunset. We are accepting submissions for each of the three parts.

Part One, Sunrise, conjures ideas of ritual, intimacy, latent potential, stillness, crispness and quiet, and its associated programing will reflect these more inward states.

Part Two, High Noon, transitions into the full experience of solar warmth with a program revolving around optical possibilities, high contrast, light studies, and color.

Part Three, Sunset, enacts the twilight haziness that signals the end of the earth-bound day. Melancholy, impending darkness, the green flash, and terrible beauty will conclude the program.

  • Proposals due by 11:59pm February 1st, 2015.
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by February 15th, 2015. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due March 15th, 2015.
  • Were the Eye Not Sunlike will air from April 1st to May 31st, 2015.

This program is organized by Third Object, a Chicago-based curatorial collective.


 Call for Work: Direct Object/Direct Action


Television creates political bodies because it happens to many people at the same time: we stay informed of our stories, we gather in bars and homes to witness, we cast ballots for our idols all by TV. Directed by television’s innate ability to create publics, and the common usage of livestreaming in contemporary populous movements, ACRE TV will spend February and March 2015 broadcasting moving image work that explores broadcast art and it’s ability to function as a catalyst for moving bodies.  Direct Object/Direct Action will air live, canned, episodic, durational and experimental broadcast works that position the stream as an instrument as opposed to a stage, as well as works that address the concept and histories of political direct actions.  

Leveraging the materiality of the devices and the parameters of livestreaming, examples of programming for Direct Object/Direct Action could include:

-Televised skill shares
-Live video dérives
-Documentaries for broadcast
-Free speech forums
-Audio/Visual compositions for synchronous cellphones
-Call-in shows

We are also accepting submissions for a live event in February in which the stream will operate as a prop/instrument/soundtrack for the night of IRL performances. If you’d like to be involved, please mention the live event in your proposal.

  • Written proposals due by 11:59pm December 1st, 2014 [Extended Deadline!]
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by December 15th, 2014. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due January 15th, 2015.
  • Direct Object/Direct Action will air from February 1st to March 31st, 2015.


Call for Work: AutomataBahn


Television is a beast that never sleeps, and that takes a lot of programming!  At ACRE TV, we’re looking to enrich the notion of a living, breathing, never-sleeping creature whose DNA is an endless stream of sound and image.  With that in mind, we want you to help us laden this November & December with TV that’s alive!

What do we mean?  What are we talking about?  We’re looking for videos and computer programs that engage with the notion of ‘programming’ as a form of life.  Think cellular automata, Mandelbrot sets, Wolfram’s Rule 30, or any other generative (or not!) image making process that you can come up with.  Imagine the possibilities in letting your creature run wild over hours of broadcasting, never repeating the same frame twice!

Ultimately we’re interested in (and extremely open to) how you will interpret this idea, and can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

So fire up your brains, computers, fingies or whatever, and send your submissions to ACRE TV!

UPDATE:  We are hoping to utilize the durational potentials in both television and programmatic work, and so we are asking that each piece be able to run for a duration of one week, never repeating the same frame twice.  Also, the piece does not have to originate as a video file.  We can accept web pieces that use Javascript, HTML5, Etc.  

  • Written proposals due by 11:59pm September 30th, 2014. Proposals can include baked videos or program files from coding environments such as Processing, MaxMSP/Jitter, Quartz Composer, VDMX, etc.  We’re pretty flexible here, and can live broadcast from the computer screen.
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by October 7th, 2014. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due October 20th, 2014.
  • AutomataBahn will air from November 1st to December 31, 2014.


Call for Work: Psychedelicatessen


“The number I took took me and spiraling through the pickled kipper and the arugula rugalah, the babka bobbed, and my head went to cheese.”

—Ïørg Malsnitz, Lo Psychedelikateßen

Seeking a cornucopia of psychedelia, a delicate spread of the finest things, delicious and heady, sumptuous and somatic. Food films but also film foods. Cooking shows where the food narrates and the chefs are chevre. A mayonnaise malaise, half Erowid and half Martha Stewart, some things you need a half pound of, others much less.

If television delivers the people, ACRE TV delivers the Soylent Green, thinly sliced and mostly eyes and ears and brains. I stream, you stream, we all stream for mustard paintings and ketchup pairings. I’ve never seen the Food Network, but I assume it’s like this. A perfect time to make a weekly show, to make field recordings of fields, to tell the whole world about being a waiter for Godot.

  • Written proposals due by 11:59pm July 26th, 2014 [Extended Deadline!]
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by August 1st, 2014. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due August 15th, 2014.
  • Psychedelicatessen will air from September 1st to October 31st, 2014.


Call for Work: These Streams


Before advertisers could sell products on television they had to sell television itself as a medium. These advertisements welcomed us to Televisionland, an alternate reality that keeps on living even when we switch off our sets. In Televisionland, the stars—the celestial constants by which the ancients measured time—are replaced by a broadcast schedule, aligned to the forty ­hour work­-week. In Televisionland swearing doesn’t happen before 10pm and conflicts are resolved by the top of the hour. Televisionland bridges the gap so that voice and vision transcend space, harnessing the present to overcome the ancient barriers of time and distance.

For These Streams, our first two­-month thematic show, ACRE TV is tackling the medium. We are asking for work that addresses the nature of streams, those parallel ever­-becoming fantasyscapes, those shared approximations of the just-present. These Streams is a call to construct and deconstruct the Livestreamland of your choosing. We are looking for work about continuity, NOW, distance, crystal balls, trains of thought, consciousness, video­-not-­on-­demand, and any and all things streaming.

  • Written proposals due by 12:00am May 28th, 2014.
  • We will notify you on the status of your proposal by June 4th, 2014. ­
  • File delivery for accepted proposals due June 15th, 2014.
  • These Streams will air from July 1st to August 31st, 2014.