“Crawl Out” Jen Clay

Crawl Out

2018 / 30 min / LIVE Performance

Jen Clay

The viewer is thrust into a continuous cycle of a moving day journey with an unfamiliar creature, who is looking for a better place to live.

Jen Clay is a multimedia artist based in South Florida. Her practice includes creating textiles and animations for performance and video works and installations. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in sculpture from the University of Florida while also studying costume design and behavior analysis. Her work has been shown at the Levine Children’s Museum in Charlotte, NC, The Harn Museum in Gainesville, FL, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, the Norton Museum in Palm Beach, FL, the SuperFine Fair for Miami Art Week (aka Art Basel Miami), Practice gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and the Visionaria Film Festival in Milan, Italy. Clay was voted “ Best Emerging Artist” for 2016 by the New Times of Broward and Palm Beach. She was voted ‘Best Artist in South Florida’ in 2017 by SouthFlorida.com, and in 2018 the City of Hollywood, FL chose Jen Clay to be their 2018-2022 artist-in-residence.



Online at ACRETV.org
November 8 – December 31, 2018

JumbleTron LIVE Performances:
Thursday, November 8, 2018
8:30-9:30 pm CST (Jen Clay performing 8:30-9 pm)

CUBED: Luminous
Pensacola Museum of Art
University of West Florida Museum Plaza
Pensacola, Florida
November 8-11, 2018

JumbleTron LIVE Performances:
Thursday, November 8, 2018
8:30-9:30 pm CST (Jen Clay performing 8:30-9 pm)

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