“Lesson in Harmony” Willy Smart


Lesson in Harmony is broadcast video work that is just that: a lesson in vocal harmonization as well as a lesson in a more transcendent sort of harmony. An onscreen subject receives instruction in technique, posture, and exercises for vocal performance and harmonization while an overdubbed voice indexes in minute detail the comportment of the subject. The voice is descriptive and didactic, while drawing from the extra-personal vocabulary of new age thought: channeling, vibration, resonance. This language implies multiple bodies, some present and some not, but all affected by and attuned to one another (provided the proper channels are open). As viewers, we are implicated in the lesson; we are asked to open ourselves to unseen channels, to consider the aural and figurative language that constitutes and calls public and political bodies.


Airing daily Feb 1 – Mar 31, as part of Direct Object/Direct Action Shorts 4

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