“Oral Tradition Tele-Vision” Jamie Lee Mohr

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The producer of Coma Club presents: Oral Tradition Tele-Vision episode one “The Initiation” starring Jason Martin.
Oral Tradition Tele-Vision is a public access program that explores narrative, perception and internal mythologies and psychic manifestations.

Guests on the show retell an episode of something they have seen on television, the emerging details and thematic focuses or omissions serve to illuminate the individual’s unique filter, the narrator’s perception of external reality, and how their idea of self operates within that construct. Some of the selves or facets of self that reflect, filter and manipulate this material are shown as psychic manifestations or actualized internal characters and personal archetypes.

Oral Tradition Tele-Vision seeks to activate deep levels of interpersonal connection and self-exploration through the act of sharing stories while utilizing a broadcast medium that contains this potential but is often more equated with consumerist escapism and alienation.

Submissions Encouraged!

Send to: Jamie.Mohr at mail.sit.edu



Airing as part of These Streams Shorts Program:

Daily July 1-August 31, 7-10pm

New episode each month

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