“Runnel” Joseph Herring


Runnel is a live-stream broadcast from a network of tunnels built in the artist’s studio. Set in the post-human future, the tunneling system for (highly evolved) small mammals provides underground links to above ground nurseries for telekinetic yucca plants. The mammals are tasked with caring for the plants as they build out a culture from pre-apocalyptic human detritus. Factions of mustelids organize based not on species but on material relationships (freegans [made from cardboard] vs. furries) will create and resolve conflict. The video will slip among perspectives towards narrative, exploring tropes from the history of cinema and television including task oriented documentation resembling sports coverage; POV pans and tracks over and around the set; explorations of the relationship between architectural form and the screen; and experimentation with the illusory nature of the traditional form. Task will include the constant flow of mustelids and of detritus through the space, costuming the actors for participation, covering a costumed weasels in comic books and magazine pages in the weasel tattoo parlor, wallpapering weasel apartments, and other daily activities in the life of evolved mustelids. Runnel slips between an examination of the space of the action, the document of the making of the narrative/proscenium television program, and the narrative program itself.


Airing LIVE:

July 19, 26, 7-7:30pm

August 2, 9, 7-7:30pm

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