“The Gedelovskys” Antonio Anton


The Gedelovskys

Antonio Antón
11 min, 2014
Original Format: Super 8
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Airing Nov 1-7 and Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2016
As part of the RE program

A home recordings illustrate my family history, which it’s nothing more than an amount of rubbish I never thought launch out. The family as a cell, members of the “unity” as characters through the word contour descriptions.



still_1_los_gedelovskys still_2_los_gedelovskys still_3_los_gedelovskys

Direction: Antonio Antón
Sound Edit & Mix: Antuán Duanel
Edit: Antonio Antón
Color: Pablo Moya / Michel Rey
Best Boy: Alex Pachón
© 2014, Antonio Antón


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