“Time Perception” Silvana D’Mikos

D'Mikos_Time Perception_1 D'Mikos_Time Perception_4

Time Perception refers to one’s subjective experience of time, which is measured by one’s own notion of the duration of the indefinite and continuous unfolding of events rather then real time. It reflects about how our perception of time is conditioned by our form of living and surroundings environment.

This video has a duration of 24 minutes. It is composed by 12 sunrise and 12 sunsets filmed during a period of 1 year at Miami, Florida. Each 1 minute sunrise and sunset correspond to one month of the year. The dialogues are the voice recording of 12 participants everyday’s life. Each of them compiled into 2 minutes, corresponding with one sunrise and one sunset. –SD


Airing throughout the Sunrise program, April 1-19, 2015 

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