“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Tom Burtonwood


Watching a 3d printer at work elicits a hypnotic response amongst people. Drawn to the alchemical event in front of them their gaze is transfixed on these objects seemingly appearing from nowhere. For Acre TV I have inverted the point of view to sit upon the shoulder of the extruder as it delineates the perimeter of the object it is building. The result is a fractured glimpse at the process of 3D printing. Lines, forms, patterns, surfaces and volumes move in and out of the aperture creating a stream of images that hopefully is both interesting and confounding. The colors visible in the surface of the plastic is added by hand to the filament prior to the extruder nozzle. The length and frequency of the marks made on the spool are echoed in the striation of lines horizontally bisecting the object. Over the course of my “show” I will print a range of objects. Please note that there will be periods of downtime as the machine is calibrated, cleaned and restarted.

Airing December 6 – 12, 2014

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