“YYYYMMDD” Blair Bogin



Blair Bogin

“Monday is work, Tuesday is laundry, Wednesday is sleep, you pee, shave your goatee and reel through, eyes rolling east to west. The seven-day week originates from early civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia attempting to make sense of nature by studying the sky. This knowledge of expert star-gazers resulted in the titles of classical planets as symbolic totems of time. But now that the glare of astral forces has been replaced by the glow of our screens, what does a seven day week mean?

From Monday, February 15th – Sunday February 21st, I ask anyone in Chicago or beyond to call in, stop by or post online their list of things to do that day. From short concise checklists to detailed stories, I will document this information within the physical space of the set (through improved performance & installation) creating a live timetable of various peoples day and therefore treating the four walls as a collective, zoomed in, square block in a calendar page.

Each participants shared, daily undertakings will be an important component for re-creating or preserving a mythology. Moon, Monday, Lunes, Mars, Martes, Mardi, Mercury, Miércoles, together we will realize the contemporary language, patterns or pacing of each day, what it can characterize, denote or emote.

Tune in, call in, stop in, write in to keep time on a cosmic clock of storytelling, performance, legendary quests and visiting guest as we digest the meanings, muse-ings and markings mingled into our modern calendar.” -BB


To share your schedule for any day this week you can:
CALL and leave a message at: (240)-883-6464
SEND AN EMAIL to: iamdoingthistoday@gmail.com
This can be anonymous or not.


Airing February 15 – 21, 2016

As part of The Set Speaks

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