“3 Women” Isabelle McGuire


3 Women

Isabelle McGuire

Airing Nov 1-7 and Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2016
As part of the RE program

I gave them my picture… *swoon* They’re an artist…. *swoon*

I paid them to play with me, Hell Resident, to play with my pictures… to write about my body. I found them online, Hell Resident. We didn’t talk that much. I paid him to edit pics of me and write stories about me. I am reciting two of these stories in “3 Women”.

“SKKKKKKRAAATTCHHH” Split right down the middle!

“PLUGGEE PUMMMMPLLEEE” “SMMEEESSHHH” smooshed right into a ball!

“Roll that ball into the hole!”

*Roll it into a hole*

Flex, Stretch, Pull


Mold this Bod!! It doesn’t fit me anyway!



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