“Superficie des Continents (The Area of the Continents)” Yvette Granata


Superficie des Continents (The Area of the Continents)

Yvette Granata
5:14 min

Airing Nov 1-7 and Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2016
As part of the RE program

Superficie des Continents (The Area of the Continents) is an archival-noise music film that explores various concepts of the surface of the earth, whether synthetic, natural, in extreme close-up or from a very far distance. Featuring the synth-drone feedback loop music of artist-musician Peter Edwards, the film oscillates between nature and human, surface and substance, outer space and plant life, while itself creating a feedback back loop between archival footage and new syntheses of it. The film was created with archival footage from educational and science film archives of the Eye Film Institute Archive, the National Film Archives of the Netherlands. 

superficiestill2 superficiestill3

Eye Film Institute
Eye Film Archives Collection

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