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Alive in the Kitchen

Elsewhere will produce an evolving media project called Alive in the Kitchen, allowing viewers to interface with the museum’s kitchen commons. Elsewhere’s Kitchen Commons operates as a collaboratively run kitchen within the museum that hosts nightly dinners, culinary experiments, and community gatherings. For ACRE TV’s Psychedelicatessen Elsewhere will produce five original episodes composed of food happenings, vinaigrettes and meatings taking place in the Kitchen Commons, with a dash of curated video projects from our international artist residency. Each episode will feature a different meal plan as a theme for epicurious experiments including:

Brunch: It’s Sherbert Day

Airing daily September 8 – October 31, during Brunch Special (starting at 11am CDT)

Lunch: We’re Having a Meating

Airing daily September 1 – October 31, during Lunch (starting at 12pm CDT)

Dinner: TV Dinners

Airing daily September 15 – October 31, during Dinner (starting at 8pm CDT)

Cocktail Hour: Featuring the Okrastra

Airing daily September 22 – October 31, during Cocktail Hour (starting at 5pm CDT)

Midnight Snack: Kitchen Witch After Dark

Airing daily September 29 – October 31, during Midnight Snack (starting at 12am CDT)

Elsewhere is a living museum and artist residency program set inside a former thrift store in downtown Greensboro, NC. We invite 50 artists each year to use one woman’s 58-year collection of thrift to create projects, happenings and performances that enliven Greensboro and beyond. The Kitchen Commons is composed of a vast assortment of kitchen kitsch and vintage housewares in a public installation created by J. Morgan Puett and Ian Montgomery in 2011. Elsewhere is building a more collaborative culture and new futures from old things. 

Elsewhere is online at: goelsewhere.org

and on vimeo at: vimeo.com/elsewherevideo

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