“junk spirals,” “adventure,” and “faketrap” Hooliganship

Hooliganship - junk_spirals_2_h264

junk spirals

sad clowns smashed by a faded world.

Airing daily September 1 – October 31, during Lunch (starting at 12pm CDT)

Hooliganship - adventure_h264


Band practice is cut short by a surprise adventure that takes us deep into the minds of a pizza partier and a homeless prince.

Airing nightly September 1 – October 31, during Dinner (starting at 8pm CDT)

Hooliganship - faketrapfinal02-h264


A camera searches for some warmth it lost. Screen memory keeps getting in the way.

Airing nightly September 1 – October 31, during Midnight Snack (starting at 12am CDT)


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