“W” and “C” Hani Moustafa


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W_Film Still_01


W is an ideal employee. He has been working diligently for more than 40 years as what a perfect clerk should be. He honors work and sees that it is the civilized alternative to the caveman’s struggle for existence. However, he would not mind to keep his position at work by any effort – and any mean. Unfortunately, he sometimes feels the need to stop working for moments to honor his nature calls. This makes W so sad!

Airing daily September 1 – October 31, during Lunch (starting at 12pm CDT)


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C conquers the feeling of loneliness, in this cold world, by diving into the warm nostalgia of commercials, black and white films, and shopping to make tasty meals. However, the modern age doesn’t let him enjoy his shallow life. Ah! What a cruel world!

Airing nightly September 1 – October 31, during Dinner (starting at 8pm CDT)

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