“Allon Allou” Jen Clay


Allon Allou

Jen Clay

Allon Allou: Mothers and Fathers, 9 min
Allon Allou: Schools, 11:20 min
Allon Allou: Friends, 5:19 min

Airing Nov 15-21 and Dec 13-19, 2016
As part of the LIVE program

Allon Allou: Hospitals, 4:38 min

Airing Nov 22-28 and Dec 20-31, 2016
As part of the MARE program


Allon Allou is a web based series made up of episodes that utilize the structure of children’s educational television programs such as Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba. Allon and allou mean other and another respectively in Greek. This project includes DIY assemblage, wearable and performative sculptures, and stop motion animation. The themes of the episodes are mothers and fathers, friends, hospitals, homes, schools. Allon Allou allude to possibilities of dysfunction and trauma through the imaginary depiction of broken systems that lie behind smilingly healthy places and people. In the video series the inner parts of the buildings, people and characters are exposed as way to depict how the past environments have constructed their current selves. Erwin W. Straus, M.D Ph.D. explains the experiences of the other in the Phenomenology of Hallucinations, with the use of the term allon. Straus wrote “ Sickness estranges from our body; then the body is turned into an object, a thing no longer to be trusted. Stricken by dis-ease, we discover the power of the allon in ourselves.”  


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