Art in America: Atlas Chicago Stability and Flux


Art in America, April 2015 cover.

In an Art in America article about Chicago’s galleries and alternative spaces Michelle Grabner wrote:

“Complementing its commercial venues, Chicago has a handful of small, not-for-profit spaces that give mettle to the city’s visual arts scene by providing artists with a platform that is neither DIY nor commercial. The 12-year-old Threewalls is perhaps the best known of these spaces, continuing in the tradition of Chicago’s influential Randolph Street Gallery, which helped shape the scene here in the ’70s and ’80s. Threewalls is widely esteemed for its SOLO exhibition series and for helping to support anothing Chicago-based nonprofit, ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions), which hosts ACRE TV, a livestreaming network programmed by artists Kera MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Nick Wylie and others.”

Read the full review here.

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