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November 1 – December 31, 2014

Television is a beast that never sleeps, and that takes a lot of programming!  At ACRE TV, we’re looking to enrich the notion of a living, breathing, never-sleeping creature whose DNA is an endless stream of sound and image.  With that in mind, tune in this November & December for TV that’s alive.

What do we mean?  What are we talking about?  AutomataBahn includes videos and computer programs that engage with the notion of  ‘programming’ as a form of life, never repeating the same frame twice. Think cellular automata, Mandelbrot sets, Wolfram’s Rule 30, or any other generative image making process. Imagine the possibilities of a creature running wild over hours of broadcasting.

AutomataBahn includes week-long generative pieces by Joshua Albers, Jon ChambersTiffany Funk, Traci Hercher, Gil Park, Jon Satrom, and a collaboration from Chaz Evans and Maureen Ryan; a week-long livestream by Tom Burtonwood; a week-long collaborative project between poet Charity Coleman, filmmaker Marianna Milhorat and musician Michael Rae; and documentation from a generative dance-for-camera performance by Samuel Hertz and Maryanna Lachman.

Programmed by Nick Bacon, Jon Chambers, Kera MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Show Concept: Marina and Tony Balko
Poster Design: Matt Wizinsky

Full program information HERE

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