“By Way of Today: On The Rocks” Cameron Gibson and Kyle Schlie


By Way of Today

Yesterday’s Recap: On the Rocks


Airing January 1-21, 2017

At Loredo Inn, Hope tells Aiden he’s trying to rape her. Aiden claims that’s not true. Hope reminds him he forced her to put on that dress and dine with him. “Are you going to force me to have sex with you?” Aiden’s shocked. He’d never do that. He just wanted her to see that they were good together once. Hope says she’s only there because he threatened her. “You’re putting a gun to my head,” she yells. Aiden clutches his stomach and blows out the candles. He calls this wrong and stupid. He tears up and apologizes for all the pain he caused. Hope says it’s over. He realizes it already was. That sick and twisted man isn’t him. He’s going to leave her alone. He deletes Hope’s confession, handing over the only other copy. He has one more thing to do. Will she come with him?
Back at LPD, the Deputy Mayor arrives and Rafe’s about to confess when Aiden and Hope arrive. Aiden resigns. He’ll be available from Los Angeles to make the transition easier. Everyone’s shocked. In private, Hope shares what happened at the Inn and Rafe’s relieved. They kiss and Aiden tells them he’ll have divorce papers drawn up.
By Way of Today is an expanded soap opera produced by Cameron Gibson and Kyle Schlie. Equal parts genre study, fan fiction and mundane sci-fi, it is a series like many and unlike none. Episodes “air” irregularly and in various forms such as video, script, rehearsal, live broadcast, commercial, installation and animation.


By Way of Today aired LIVE on ACRE TV from March 21-31, 2016 as a part of The Set Speaks.


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