“Couldn’t Dream Anywhere” Eden Mitsenmacher


Couldn’t Dream Anywhere

Eden Mitsenmacher

Airing Nov 8-14 and Dec 6-12, 2016
As part of the NIGHT program

I went to the woods today,
Cause I couldn’t dream anywhere
I went to the woods today
Cause I couldn’t dream anywhere
I went to the woods today
But I couldn’t sleep anyway
Why? I couldn’t take away the time

It seems our consciousness is fascinated by our own hands.
It makes sense, for aren’t they a symbol of our agency? That endlessly fragile agency,
the sense of which is mostly constructed, almost dreamt up. Yet we’re searching for it relentlessly.
Hurtling through space like that, is restlessness any wonder?

And so we dream…
We dream meaning into the vortex.
We escape to the woods. Our woods.
We code representations of our imagined bodies into cyberspaces and spend our time
watching them.
There’s something out there… Listen carefully. A lullaby. A nursery rhyme. A mantra.
Meaning as self-soothing.

Dreaming while wondering how come we’re running out of places to dream, to even just sleep.
Out of space. Out of time.
So let yourself drift away to the sound of the hum of the spheres.
This too shall pass.



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