“Evening News” Theo Shure


Evening News draws from local, regional, national, and global headlines in order to select a representative program of the evening’s top reports. I transcribe the reports from the major news channels accessible on Chicago television (NBC, CNN, WGN-TV, FOX) watched back-to-back each afternoon (at the local bar, supermarket, gym). Across stations and over the span of several hours, news channels are relatively repetitive in their reportage. Although the pool of TV news coverage is not overwhelmingly large, some stories stick out more—because of the imagery they provoke, the appeal they generate, the disgust they engender. These are the visceral stories: the ones that broadcast the most tragic or gruesome, the most exciting or triumphant reports. These are factual stories that are written to be spoken—they call for some human intervention—the stories told to you by the rote, yet human voice of the anchor that might cause one to turn around and ask “did you hear about… ?” Evening News pulls these headlines precisely because stories are sensitive, exciting or horrifying to a mass audience, inflammatory, pleasurably fluffy. Each report is transcribed to the tee, inputted into the teleprompter feed, and broadcast via ACRE TV.” -TS

Airing nightly Feb 2 – 20th, 7 pm CST as part of Direct Object/Direct Action

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