Once More For The Very First Time // ACRE TV at Comfort Station


Toadstool, Joseph Herring and Amy Ruddick

Rebroadcast, rerun, replay, reflect. The repeat is a TV standard; an opportunity for viewers to catch up on a show they missed or indulge in a show they love again and again. With this in mind, and to celebrate our first anniversary, ACRE TV is revisiting some of our favorite shows from the past year with a screening at Comfort Station. Once More For The Very First Time offers a chance to return to the stream, featuring works from each season of ACRE TV presented in front of a live gallery audience.

Chris LittleMom, What the !^#% is Spotify?, 20:06
Megan Schvaneveldt, Untitled, 04:54
Thad Kellstadt, Liquid Lunch, (Excerpt), 02:20
Cauleen Smith, Natural History Curiosity, 00:43
Dao Nguyen, Practice, Practice, Practice, 01:00
Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Notes for a Vivisection, 09:48
Josh Duensing & Eric Watts, Is This Real?, (Trailer), 00:48
Danny Volk, Made-Up with Danny Volk, (Trailer), 00:32
Jesse Malmed, Morton! Morton! Morton!/Saltnick, 03:06
Bonnie Begusch, Means and Ends, 05:01
Dao Nguyen, Practice, Practice, Practice, 01:00
Elsewhere, Alive in the Kitchen: TV Dinner, 05:44
Cameron Gibson, Standby, 01:09
Anna Ialeggio, Mark McCloughan, Ellen Nielsen, & Leslie Rogers, An Entirely Platonic Fission into Doubter’s Lace or Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, (Edited for reality), 13:05
Daniel Bennett, Pluma, 02:47
Dao Nguyen, Practice, Practice, Practice, 01:00
Tiffany Funk, Memento Maury, (Excerpt), 01:00
Chaz Evans & Maureen Ryan, Unending Credits (Lifestyle), ∞

On the monitors:

Joseph Herring & Amy Ruddick, Toadstool
Jon Chambers, Charity Coleman, Jesse Malmed, Marianna Milhorat, & Michael Rae, Teen Agents
Chaz Evans, CA-PAN
Thad Kellstadt, Liquid Lunch
Tiffany Funk, Memento Maury

Programmed by Kate Bowen

This program is presented in conjunction with Comfort Station’s current show A Gathering.

March 25, 2015
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Comfort Station Logan Square
2579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL

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