“Heikki Laaksonen’s Silent Syllables” Heejin Jang


Heikki Laaksonen’s Silent Syllables

Heejin Jang
4:15 min, 2014

Airing Nov 15-21 and Dec 13-19, 2016
As part of the LIVE program

1-800-GET-LOST consists of four experimental video remixes (1-800-FICTIONBleach FormulaHeikki Laaksonen’s Silent SyllablesPink Trilogy). The project addresses the moment when the countless struggle to establish a sense of connectedness eventually conjure up an endless nightmare that overwhelms the physicality of life.

By reediting and overlaying language, pop-culture phenomenon, smartphone clips, and found footages from the Internet, the convolution of layered moments will demonstrate the itineraries to the nature of chaos, or the views of induced panic. 


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