“The Murf Never Sleeps” Dakota Gearhart


The Murf Never Sleeps

Dakota Gearhart
3:37 min

Airing Nov 15-21 and Dec 13-19, 2016
As part of the LIVE program

During a residency at a recycling processing plant in Seattle, WA, USA, I was able to spend time observing the act of remixing, re-sensing, and of course, recycling. First off, the smell when you enter the factory (which is lovingly called the Murf) is enough to make most people gag, but for me, the putrid sour milk and rat poop aromas provoked me to consider what kinds of objects society leaves behind. Once this question is brought up, a nightmarish Kafka-like scene is brought on; the sensations of which I share in the short video collage I created. Everything in the video is unmanipulated and in real time, even though in some scenes it looks as if sped up or animated.

gearhart_02 gearhart_03


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