“Maria TV” Rodrigo Valenzuela

Maria TV_Rodrigo Valenzuela Maria TV_Rodrigo Valenzuela Maria TV_Rodrigo Valenzuela

Maria TV

Rodrigo Valenzuela
HD Video

“Maria TV, interweaves documentation of the everyday activities of Latinas that work as domestic workers with reenactments of their jobs as portrayed in soap operas and movies. I direct reenactments of their roles as they are portrayed on TV interwoven with clips of various telenovelas to create an hybridized narrative.  The all-women cast perform for the camera both as the ‘seen on TV’ characters, and as themselves – representing their own stories, their own lives.  Playing out like a dress rehearsal of sorts, in combining these materials a slippery space is opened up – one that sits ambiguously between action and enactment, or ‘real life’ and fiction.  In doing so, my aim is to evidence and critique the blind-spots in media representation, and at the same time address an under-represented group’s socioeconomic struggles in an engaging and intimate yet playful way.” -RV



Airing September 4 – 6, 2015
& during Tele-novela HIGHLIGHTS, October 31, 2015

As part of Tele-novela

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