“Runts” Lori Felker & Jeffrey Schreckengost



Lori Felker & Jeffrey Schreckengost
Hand processed Super-8 -> DV
7 min, 2003

Airing Nov 22-28 and Dec 20-31, 2016
As part of the MARE program

“It all started when we found some Mrs. Claus dolls at a craft store . . . This film unravels a slightly disturbing family tale of continued incest in a surreal, gritty, distant world . . . at the end of your street.  This is what I like to call “homemade found footage”: an addition to the piles of forgotten, rotting, celluloid garbage, complete with burnt out sisters, baby-stealing weasels, and rusty-scissor surgery. For your voyeuristic viewing pleasure…” -LF & JS

runts_birth runts_foxbaby runts_sideeye


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