“Surface Onto Another” Maddie Hewitt


Surface Onto Another

Maddie Hewitt
Single channel video
5:33 min, 2016

Airing Nov 22-28 and Dec 20-31, 2016
As part of the MARE program

Surface Onto Another is a performance for video of the artist’s shadow moving on her apartment wall during twilight. Adapting early methods of Phantasmagoria, the artist positions herself off camera and in front of a sunset casting her moving figure onto a wall. Appearing on camera is her silhouette moving within the shaded outline of a window next to a door and a light switch. Shadows and light sweep across the room as the artist moves into and out of the light, affecting both the physical space and the shape of her body. The sonic accompaniment is a direct result of the artist’s movements as well as noise coming from outside of the room.

hewitt_surface-onto-another_still_004 hewitt_surface-onto-another_still_005


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