“Snake-Foot” Lili White



Lili White
5:20 min, 2015
color, silent

Airing Nov 15-21 and Dec 13-19, 2016
As part of the LIVE program


“Dedicated to my Mother who has moved to the other side.

One day, in real-life, I found an “S” had appeared on my toe.

I “performed” in Nature as a meditation on this event, remembering that the Egyptians have a sign that combines a snake and foot, which I don’t know the meaning of.

SNAKE-FOOT was built using a kind of dreamy stream of consciousness approach to the edit. Its techniques and framed shots are intended to convey the “dream-body”. Dreams act as a transforming flight that allows one to see more deeply into that which matters most — knowledge gained thru them can transform our life…

I used many taped experiences of snakes that I accumulated over the years: one crossing a road, another asleep on top of snake petro-glyphs in Alabama, one caged as a “pet”, a rattlesnake in the zoo. One was found on a staircase, which led to the idea of a descent, as the snake does when it retires into its lair; and so a “Persephone descent into Underworld” world occurs, as the Underworld is the place that is also considered the realm of dreams, ruled by Neptune that also rules over illusion, the cinema, film itself, and water — all these are included here in scenes where the sleeping person rolls over.

SNAKE-FOOT is the first of a trilogy that includes WATER WORKS and CUMIA.” -LW

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