“Soup Exchange” Soheila Azadi

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The Soup Exchange is a blank/black video with subtitles. This video is approximately two hours of conversations between women in Iran and in the US. This conversation highlights the issues of race, gender and sexuality specifically in Iran and in the US. How the West sees the East and how the East sees the West is the production of media and this project’s aim is to challenge this media production in two countries that are in conflicts with one another.

Soup Exchange was a Skype session between ten women in Iran, Esfahan and ten women in the U.S., Chicago. Aush* was a center of this gathering and conversations accrued around it. In this gathering that took place in a private home in Iran, and in the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in the U.S., all women from both groups talked about Feminism in different aspects of their lives. They also talked about misconceptions about women in the east and the west.

*Aush is the most popular traditional Iranian soup that is almost always made by women in women-only-gatherings.


Airing Thursday and Friday Feb 19 & 20th, 7:10 pm CST


Airing Thursday Feb 26th, 7 pm CST


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