“SSRI” Huong Ngo & George Monteleone


SSRI: The Self-Monitor
SSRI: The Other Monitor
SSRI: The Self-Rememberer

Huong Ngo & George Monteleone
3 Digital Video Commercials
Color & Sound
Total runtime: 05:40

SSRI, the Self-Science Research Institute, is dedicated to helping you realize your social persona. We recognize the ever-perpetuating complexities and challenges in our contemporary society, which can lead to confusion, isolation, fear, and detachment. Through the research and development of sophisticated tools for interpersonal integration, we are dedicated to developing technologically sophisticated modular therapy alternatives to the the social struggles we all face every single day.

Isolation, agoraphobia, detachment, and conversational inadequacies need not trouble you! 

We offer:

  • Individually tuned consultation & device therapy
  • Modular mechanisms of memory, perception, and sensory processing
  • Digital precepts with humanistic protocols
  • Extraphysical solutions for heightened awareness.

Whether your need is to increase cognizance of your world, your voice, or your inner self, SSRI is committed to your personal and transpersonal needs. Perhaps you’re socially distressed. Worse yet, perhaps you don’t even know you are socially distressed. Fear not: with SSRI, you can tune in and be self assured that you have other options!


Airing October 1 – 4, 2015

As part of Tele-novela

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