“Untitled (I Have a Boyfriend)” Jillian Hansen-Lewis & Alejandro Jimenez


Mimicking the aesthetics of a screen saver, this video demonstrates the appearance of abandoned media through connecting an idle screen to the potential actions of the body behind. This piece explores idleness, authorship, gender, and possession. An excited inertia trapped on the confines of the video screen.

Jill & Alejandro:
Jillian Hansen-Lewis and Alejandro Jimenez are a working collaborative based in Chicago.  They read Virilio while having lunch, and watch Beavis and Butthead after dinner.  Their work assesses the value language inherits from its author and reader, by obfuscating the authorship and readership into one vehicle. We’ll see where that goes.

Jillian Hansen-Lewis
Alejandro Jimenez

Airing as part of These Streams Shorts Program:

Daily July 1-August 31, 7-10pm

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