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Disembodied_Bryan Volta

Bryan Volta, Disembodied

Students from Deborah Stratman’s Documentary Media course at UIC and Jaxon Pallas’ Independent Study Projects course at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest created works for broadcast on ACRE TV. This program features:

Jon Gotangco, iPhone 5S Unboxing (4:17)

Bryce Jensen, power (8:44)

Bryan Volta, Disembodied (5:50)

Alex Myung, Winter Sun (4:39)

Bryce Jensen, Objectification: contact/neglect (5:17)

Amanda CervantesThe Disney Question (5:24)

Paige Wynne, One Thing (1:37)

Abbigail Vandersnick, Re-En(act)tor: Night of the Living Dead (10:02)

Ro Zavala, Silencedwood (3:36)

Bryce Jensen, the Silken King (4:05)

Grace GalhotraMarian Herzog, Christian Hustad, Doyi LeeKelly O’Toole Martin, Kate Mickelson, and Laura Myers, Elevator Man (4:14)


Airing Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 8 pm CDT

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