“Hold Me Now” Michael Robinson

hold_me_now STILL

Hold Me Now

Michael Robinson

Plagued by blindness, sloth, and devotion, a troubled scene from Little House On The Prairie offers itself up to karaoke exorcism. -MR

“[T]he often ingratiating nostalgia of the long-running drama Little House On The Prairie takes a free fall in an unsettling sequence of agony metamorphosing into Exorcist-like bodily possession.  Made for the PDX Film Festival’s ‘Karaoke Throwdown’ and thus featuring another instrumental track of the Thompson Twin’s eponymous song, the longing lyrics absurdly subtitle a slowed-down passage of Melissa Sue Anderson’s character rising upon waking, shaking in convulsions, and smashing a bedroom window with her hands (all while her husband tries in vain to hold her).” – Henriette Huldisch, Aurora: The Infinite Measure, Fall 2008

Airing September 23 – 26, 2015

As part of Tele-novela

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