Plants, Machines, Animals, and Objects!


Still from Sonia Levy, I Roam.

Plants, Machines, Animals, and Objects!

June 29 – 30, 2015

Airing at 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm CDT

Presented by The Green Lantern Press

As part of ACRE TV Takeover

Everywhere we turn, we find a territory of nonhuman things. It is impossible to escape the trace of others—from material structures (plants, machines, animals and objects) to those all but invisible bodies outside the bounds of human perception (atoms, molecules, pollution, viruses, satellites, planets, etc.). What would an aesthetic look like that included these many other things? Is such an aesthetic possible?

To further explore a line of research established by its affiliated reading group Following Nonhuman KindsThe Green Lantern Press curated a series of short, related films that first screened at Sector 2337 in Chicago in June 2015, and again on ACRE TV. This series was curated by Giovanni Aloi, Kathleen Kelley, Trevor Perri, and Caroline Picard.

The screening features:

1. Himali Singh Soin (in collaboration with Dario Villanueva), “The Particle and the Wave” (12:47)
2. Chloë Brown, “Dialogue: Panthera Leo” (3:16)
3. Laura Aish, “The Machine”, (5:14)
4. Laura Cinti, “Nanomagnetic Plants” (1:55)
5. Peter Matthews, “The Ocean Moves Through It” (5:00)
6. Matthew C. Wilson, “Forecast” (2:52)
7. Quiet ensemble, “Orienta” (2:45)
8. Sonia Levy, “I Roam” (3:16)
9. Max Stocklosa, “More World Material”(15:32)
10. localStyle, “Chew”, (3:33)
11. Gillian Wylde, “A as in Animal” (2:46)
12. NEOZOON, “BUCK FEVER” (5:54)
13. NEOZOON, “MY BBY 8L3W” (3:03)
14. Linda Tegg, “Sheep Actress” (2:58)
15. Filip Kwaitkowski, “Tiera” (2:47)
16. Chloë Brown & Ines Lechleitner, “The Hum” (3:19)
17. Smriti Mehra, “Authanakoota (Banquet)” (13:58)

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